TO: Mr. Richard Meekins, (vice president HR)

FROM: Ghalya B. Rajab, (Human resource department)

The vice president of Linder Advertising Agency permitted a sensitive assignment dealing with the dress code policy and what type of sensible and reasonable attires should be worn. The assignment has been completed and the results are reviewed and completed.

The main purpose of this report was to resolve and obtain a reasonable dress code policy for Linder Advertising Agency and if casual Fridays are allowed or not. The project assignment was commenced by visiting 12 benchmark companies which I had to observe employees attires carefully and compare between the other companies and what is approved for Linder Advertising Agency. Also, I was asked to open up conversations with clients at the company and to get their reactions on appropriate and acceptable attire for employees. The employees have accomplished a survey defining that they preferred to work in a professional dressed company as well as having casual Fridays.

Examining the survey in depth, the majority of the clients (75 percent) indicated that they recommend to deal with a company that has strict professional appearance. Another (15 percent) preferred casual attire such as normal jeans, and a basic shirt. Casual attires were seen quarter of the votes, such as men wearing ordinary standardized slacks with blank shirts that had collars and women wore slacks or skirts and blouse. The employees who agreed on casual clothes mostly approved because they were more comfortable wearing comfy attires during workdays. Moreover, (10 percent) of the organizations staff did not have a specific preference. However, many employees seem to be comfortable with professional attire more than the casual attire work policy. Professional attires such as men showing a gentleman appearance avoiding casual shirts and trousers, instead showing dominance and elegance by wearing immaculate suits with specific colors avoiding bright, eye-popping, catchy colors As shown below, a pie chart has been added to reveal the amount of clients that were being interviewed and what are their opinions and preferences on attires they prefer on the
employees they allocate and get along with.

As well as completing a survey concerning the attires preferences by the clients, another survey that has been accomplished was on employee's response at Linder's opinions on the different types of clothing styles. This resulted in an increase of employees perspective towards their feelings that they insist that the attires should be too casual.

Casual Fridays are vital referring to the statistics shown above on the pie chart, a variety of employees feel optimistic and comfortable on casual Fridays which will be a casual day held each Friday once a week. This will not only benefit the emotions of the employers, it will also increase business's productivity whereas whenever an employee is seen to be happy on his tasks the production will become more rapid and targets are met. This is because the employees are being rewarded each week for a day to wear any type of clothing material and colors however it must be neat and attractive that is not seen messy which could ruin the perspective and reputation of the business itself. A dress code is significant for Linder, therefore a professional attire must be worn by both the employees and the managers and the staff.